On being relevant…

Originally blogged February 5, 2016

So often, we busy ourselves with the pressure of being relevant. And I don’t think we even recognize the magnitude of the pressure we place on ourselves to be…and stay…relevant. This “relevancy” that I am speaking of is not one of arrogance, of pride, or of self-conceit…

…it’s the need to or feeling of being noticed, present to others, significant…important.

For a little while I struggled with the significance of being relevant. As you know, I was an avid blogger, writer, speaker, socialite, entrepreneur…for a while I was relevant and needed by others. I was a very present voice in the conversation. As a marketer and business manager, being relevant in the industry is synonymous with your career. If you’re not an active participant in the conversation, as the industry grows and changes – especially nowadays with social media and our vast technological advancements – you will quickly be left behind. Forgotten. A Has Been.

I love marketing, food & cooking, coffee, culture, creativity and God. These are all passionate conversations and #trends with which I was an active participant…

When I launched Passion Series in September 2011, the focus was very specific with broad opportunities: to focus my passionate energy, time and love on God; to explore this new place with Him; to develop business His way; and to let God define where I should focus my passionate energy.

As Passion Series grew, so did I. I never imagined it would turn into such a learning process for me. I began early Monday morning Bible Studies (Coffee Connection), where I would teach the Word of God to others who were interested in certain topics. What I was teaching others became what God taught to me. He taught me how to love: my husband, my work, my family – and ALL that He has set before me. My spiritual life grew, and I matured.

Then I became exhausted. Too tired to be motivated for Passion Series. Too tired to blog. Too tired to think about topics – to think about the process. Too tired to cook. Busy with all the things that God had placed within my hands. Frustrated at the time I no longer had. Too tired to create. Desiring to stay an active participant in the world and industry around me… Then I began to wonder the “relevancy” of even being relevant. I hated social media. I hated “the crop” [the part of the picture that everyone gets to see on social media, less the mayhem and truth behind the cropped and beautified portion of the photo, words]. I hated the fact that I no longer had the time to focus on one of the things I am MOST passionate about: coffee & its culture. When will I get to do what I WANT again? Why God? Why? <– but isn’t this why I started Passion Series?

So I just tapped out…the very things that I once loved became distasteful to me.

It’s been nearly three years since I’ve had a consistent blog post on Passion Series. It’s been almost four since I’ve had an opportunity to consistently touch my love – coffee.

When I compare the words that I spoke on day one of Passion Series, the words that I will spend this time exploring passions in God and that He may shave some things off and add what He may, I realize that those words have come to life. They have been God’s process and could have only been manifested through His Words to me.

During my time away, what I didn’t realize is that God DID allow me to explore, to create, to love and to learn. But it was His process of passionate learning, passionate understanding and passionate growth. As I write these words, they are flowing like never before. Because this is MY story – MY process – that God had to grow me through.

Now, I realize that the very thing I had set before God, and the process that He took me through was a Passion Series: a series of events; a series of emotions; a series of questions and frustrations to God; a series of growing, learning, and maturing; a series of events that led me to the full understanding of just what and WHO I should be relevant for.

Whoever you are, and wherever you are, whatever you may be feeling irrelevant about: do not worry about finding things to add to the “value” or “importance” of who you are. Wait on the completion of God’s process, continue to seek and petition Him through it, and let Him add and take away as He sees fit. For there is no better relevancy than to be important to the Lord.

PS – Kaye

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