Your Journey Starts Somewhere

Somewhere amid the busyness of “keeping up” and “keeping it together” our lives become a whirlwind of clutter, challenging who we once knew ourselves to be and threatening our strong desire to remain who we think we know we should be.

In our response to the many changes, curves and channels of our life-long tour, we can always discover a refreshed sense of purpose – if we are up to looking for it.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. – Matthew 6:34

Sometimes we hold ourselves to a standard that wasn’t set by God. We place constant every-day, every-minute pressure on ourselves to perform, to react, to “be there,” to take time for ourselves, to think straight, to always be of clear mind and spirit, to prove our togetherness (even if to ourselves), to get rest, to wake up and do it all over again, to be the ultimate superwoman… And when we don’t measure up to this standard as set by ourselves and society – we are failures…not good enough…overwhelmed.

Our socially acceptable standard is NOT God’s standard. There is no righteousness in it – even if we see no wrong in a culturally accepted way of doing things.

When we come to this realization is when we will be able to remove the pressure and grab hold of a truly renewed existence.

Last month I felt exhausted, unorganized, sick, tired, beat down, unpretty, a poor performer, a lack of sufficient time… Yesterday, I felt exhausted, unorganized, sick, tired, beat down, unpretty, a poor performer, a lack of sufficient time. Today I feel exhaus….

Last night as I slept, I thought, ‘Tomorrow is a new journey. I’ll start over anew. I’m going to buy myself a few things. I cannot respond to everyone. I did not accomplish today what I though I would…but tomorrow, I will…”

Today as I awoke I thought, ‘Today is a new journey. I’ll start over anew. I’m going to buy myself a few things. I cannot respond to everyone. I did not accomplish today what I thought I would…but tomorrow, I will…”

My evaluation of my current – my end to an old – the start of a new…cycle – of my own thought process, of my own approach.

It is time to say ‘Goodbye’ (Time to Say Goodbye, Lorie Line). Sometimes in cutting off a never-ending cycle and approaching things anew, we view it as the “loss” of ourselves. Not so – God just expects for us to travel to a new place – to get out of our own thinking and to take a new journey with Him. Accept the presentation of this beautiful new gift.

The success is in “letting go” and doing it in God’s way, in His timing and by His standard.

You are not superwoman, and that’s ok. Being superwoman means that we’d have some sort of special power AND a weakness that can take us out. God is my superpower, the Creator that I call to and the over-comer of all my weakness. In Him I find strength; in Him there is no weakness.

Today, my husband surprised me. He took me to my favorite nail shop because he sensed and understood my feelings of overwhelm. Hmph! The day I thought I was going to ‘take control of’ and begin a new narrative became such. But not in my way – in God’s way. Why did God allow this to happen this way? So that He can show me His love and desire for me. So that He can share with me that He understands and will give me peace. His desire is for me to wholly, fully and truly trust in Him.

I write this post as I sit in my favorite nail shop, finding my place of peace, getting the ultimate leg and foot massage and chatting it up with two little old ladies, old friends who had both lost their husbands, sold their homes and now live and experience the joy of life together. Funny how God took them on a journey that they never expected; interesting how much pleasure they find in discovering this newly ‘settled in’ place. Listening to them laugh and share stories inspires me…


n: An act of traveling from one place to another

v: travel somewhere

The opening up to the movement of a journey is more in the exploration of the definition, less than our own personal interpretation of or approach to it.

As I write, listen, write, listen more…my story changes. The focus here is much more Godly than I thought I was being.

It’s like planting an orchid in the snow. It doesn’t bloom. Every place has its own beauty; it’s a matter of what you prefer.

As one of the little old ladies chatted with me more, she shared the many places around the country where she had lived and her ‘take away’ of them – all of which were positive ones. As she continued sharing, she mentioned to me this simple, yet so so profound thought.

And BAM! Everything made such sense! My approach, questions and answers began to wither away…

Even in my chatting and God’s straight-forward conversation with me through two little old ladies, I was focused on remembering these nuggets of knowledge, anxious to now commence the conversation so that I may finish my final thoughts within this post.

…I almost missed it…TWICE. First by my own approach to ‘a new day.’ Second by not allowing the Lord to speak candidly and directly to me through these two little old ladies, one of them in particular.

The icing on the cake – after ‘getting it,’ God allowed me to complete my thoughts and as my nail tech wrapped up, the little old lady beside me shared that we picked the same color! As she showed me her bottle of polish, she says, “It’s got just a little sparkle.” Hmmm, God’s sparkle, huh?

The little old lady’s polish
My polish

Allow the Lord to help you achieve what you’re looking for by wholly giving in to Him. Sure, start over. Look for life anew. But start over by His standard, willfully being open to ‘travel anywhere’ with Him, and enjoy the day set before you.

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