Wednesday, June 07, 2023
Radiant Woman

Investing in <i>Me</i>

I will take the time to invest in me.

Yes, I have spent much time building and preparing others for business success and more.

God has gifted me with wisdom, knowledge, power, and strength, and it is now that I should no longer hold off on the gifts to build that which God has for us to build, but use it!

Godly opportunities await us when we are obedient in Godly movement. I will not let fear hold me back; I will not let disobedience in; and I WILL NOT falter.

If God has given me the ability, then He has already affirmed me, and He expects to see my progress and results from it.

Lord, I WILL invest in me. I WILL be successful. I WILL glorify you with my gifts and through my work. And I WILL honor you by seeing these things, which you have given to me, through to completion.

P.S., Kaye

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