Wednesday, June 07, 2023

My Name Is…

My name is Karen, and what I enjoy most is learning about the Lord. What I truly enjoy is having a sense of discovery.

My mind is very complex and seeks creative exploration. One colorful destination is not enough, as my heart must be satisfied by pursuant pursuit of discovery having come to life. My heart is pure, and I love deeply.

Sentiment is core to my nature, and I look for lasting, life-long memories in even the simplest of adventures, forever engrained to the picture of my mind.

I’ll never stop learning as long as I live; I have always had an avid sense of untamed curiosity, even if satisfying it was in the essence of my own mind. I’ll always love my complexities, and chuckle a little after having “discovered” something new – even if the “new” was something about me myself.

I love both simple rules of etiquette as well as messy hands and rugged feet.

I enjoy intellectual conversations and quiet, personal moments of peace more than one can know.

I’m the talker in the room, and also the one that wants to be the least noticed.

Food is nearly a quality – I love to cook it, and I love to eat it. But #coffee is my forté.

I love to laugh – it’s one of my best assets. I love the people in my life, especially the one who made me his wife – I’m just witty like that.


– P.S., Kaye –

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