Monday, April 22, 2024
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Fall Inventory

With yesterday being the first day of fall, and the final quarter of the year just days away, it’s a great time to take inventory. Have you been accomplishing your goals? What goals have been on the move, and what’s left to be accomplished?

Earlier this year, I put some pretty specific things before God…and I told Him that I was committing this year to beginning some things, finishing others, and getting myself aligned for others.

While I’ve definitely moved forward in some areas, there are ways that I can do more to get motivated towards those things which remain. Here’s how I’ll get started on moving toward final completion:

1). Take Inventory of what has been accomplished, what’s left to finish, and what’s needed to get me going.

2). Evaluate the road map that was given to get me there. Am I still following its path? Do any minor or major adjustments need to be made?

3). Recommit. Sometimes a fresh recommitment is the best new thing to get the jump start we need to complete our goals. No off-paths here – just a reminder of where we should be and what we need to get us to that goal line.

Starting and finishing goals doesn’t have to be frustrating. Sometimes we just need to find the joy in our hearts of why we’ve committed in the first place. That’s motivation enough to get us there.

What goals did you have in mind? Jump start, and get going, then!

P.S., Kaye

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