You ARE Equipped

You are equipped, even when you don’t think you are. You are equipped to move forward in the FREEDOM AND STRENGTH that the Lord has given to you!

Confusion is not made for you, nor will it deter you.

You will walk in favor and in peace and with the breath of the Lord as your support, because, after all, YOU have been chosen, tried, prepared, and ready to do the work that the Lord has equipped you for.

You are able to with the strength of the Lord. Never ever lose your focus; but always find new strength and new ground in HIMGod, our Father in Truth and Love.

– P. S., Kaye –

Exercising Gratitude

Putting prayers of thanksgiving to God should always be a first – in thought AND in action.

Although it is at the end of my day, I will give thanksgiving and gratitude to my Lord for His gracious blessings in my life.

Sometimes you have to take a different route to get to the finish line, and in taking the new route, God is able to show you some very unique and unexpected things along the way. Things that enlighten your viewpoint of Him; things that allow us to see His unique pattern of blessing and operation within our life. Things that allow you to discover more of Him and things that allow you perfect growth.

I’ll never be ashamed of taking God’s way, because when I follow in His direction my path is clear and the outcome is God’s perfection. And for that, I am most grateful.

Thank You, Lord!

False alarm or FIRE alarm?

So, this morning we were awakened at 8am by the harsh, blaring sound of the fire alarm ringing throughout our hotel.

Jolted out of a restful state of sleep, our immediate reaction was to respond by getting up and getting out.

As we prepared to leave our hotel room, you could hear a little chaos in the hallway, but not much. The alarm still continued to sound!

We got ourselves together; I glanced at the back of our hotel door from across the room to get a view of the fire escape map. Things seemed to settle down inside the hallway a bit, but the alarm continued to sound loudly.

Then it stopped.

My husband says, “You still respond to the plan – you go even if the alarm stops.” So, we grabbed our bags and shoes, then we left the room.

As we walked down the hall (sort of on auto-pilot), I couldn’t help but notice that it was me, my husband, a young man behind us, and one person trailing far behind him.



My husband and I along with the young man were walking fairly quickly as we headed for the stairwell. I don’t recall seeing that fourth person ever come through the door and down the stairwell behind us.

When we got to the stairwell I said,“Maybe it was just a test to see if we all would respond.” But as we got further to the bottom of the stairwell, the aroma of something having been burnt was in the air.

When we arrived downstairs, the lobby was full of life: people eating breakfast, business meetings, and a cheeky hotel staff. Outside, firemen in full uniform and firefighting gear were moving about hurriedly. Two totally different existences. So my husband commissioned me to ask the staff what was happening.

Burnt toast. Someone burnt toast. The same thing had happened two days ago…

Hmph! Lol!

We decided that since we were already downstairs, we’d stick around for breakfast. I captured the moment with a few photos, got to meet some of the firemen, and received a toy firetruck from the first responders.

As we prepared our plates, sat down then ate, I thought about the false alarm that rang out as a FIRE alarm – the significance of it, and the fact that hardly anyone took notice of it. Had it been a true emergency, the results may have had a much different ending.

My thoughts journeyed on, and as I reflected, I thought about a plan that was already put in place for all of our benefit.

We often don’t want to respond to alarms in our lives – changes, disruptions, catastrophes – no matter how minor or major. But we have to realize that it behooves us to respond, as our response will lead us down a pre-prepared path that has life-saving results. What if it had been a REAL FIRE? How many lives would have been changed simply because we didn’t take it seriously or feel like dealing with the chaos?

As my husband and I talked more about the experience during breakfast, he shared that the plan is the same – fitting for any environment – just like we learned in elementary school. The alarm resounds, and we respond by following the universal plan for making it out alive. The perfectly prepared plan and path is already set to work for our good. All we have to do is respond – and the perfect outcome will come with ease.

– P.S., Kaye –

Getting MORE Out of Traveling

Traveling isn’t a one-sided deal. Often when we travel, it awakens out minds and awareness to more.

Traveling refreshes our sense of familiarity while introducing us to new experiences, new memories, and new pathways. It allows us to explore. It reminds you of something old while clearing a path for something very, very new.

That is what I was able to so today. Reminisce, relax and refresh – and I got to spend it with a very special someone: my hubbie.

– P.S., Kaye –

Starting a movement in your heart

Starting a movement in your heart can really begin at any time – you must just be willing to seek and experience new moments, new peace, new love, and new-found hope in Jesus Christ.

Each day, ask God to give you a desire for His heart. Ask God to keep your mind and actions in alignment with His perfect Will. And ask Him to fill your heart with only those things that are just like Him.

Seek peace and pursue it. All that we have need of is found in Christ.

If you’re looking for new hope – to be found in Christ – let Him do the speaking to your heart. Follow that voice

Finding your ‘FREE’ in God

Finding your ‘free’ doesn’t always mean sitting comfortably on your deck by the lake as you read a book and cozy up to a perfect cup of #coffee. Sometimes finding your ‘free’ means taking it all in – everything that God has given you AND has freed you from, that is. Restless nights can be a pain in the neck, but the total rest that the Lord gives afterward can be complete bliss of freedom.

Sometimes I can clutter my mind with a million little things of every little thing before sorting it all out, moving to the next step, and somehow still feeling a sense of incompletion when it’s all said and done.

Finding your ‘free’ means being able to smile and say thank you after watching God having sorted it all out for your good.

Finding you ‘free’ means writing your blog with persistence, even when you feel you have nothing too important to say, but God inspires you as you happily type along, equipping you with a portion of Himself and a God-inspired word to share with another – YOU.

Finding your ‘free’ means knowing and understanding that He is the source where you can always find it, the place where it all just makes total sense.

Finding your ‘free’ means the freedom to move in a godly way – and to have no qualms about it. Just be.

– P.S., Kaye-

Be still and experience God’s peace

This is your time designated for sleep. What are you going to do with it?

Sometimes I have to remind myself, almost like a child at naptime, that I should have one focus at times of rest: REST.

Put down the restless thoughts – especially after giving them all to God – and let God be your Champion! Rest beautifully as He works behind the scenes, and let Him fill you with His perfect peace.

In Christ,


Fresh Rain

– a cleansing; a renewal; the start of something new

As I listen to the sounds of the rain outside my window on this early Saturday morning, although I am inside the walls of my house, I get a sense of cool refreshment and excited anticipation of things to come.

I am thankful for the rain – a time when God sends renewal, no matter how small or big.

As you read, and as I write, you may come to understand that this message is for you. Know that there is always a refreshing power found in the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ. Only He can bring new life. Let God clear the pathway to your future – one that you fully and wholly put your complete and total trust in Him.

He will never let you down.

A Godly Work Produces God’s Favor

Amid the busyness of the day, God still guided my hand.

So, on yesterday, this was my topic of focus, but I didn’t quite get around to completing my three lines because I was so busy and had worked a bit late.

Today, I got to see the results of God working His wisdom in me. I’ve come to know that as I continue to give God the use of my hands and craft, I understand that His glory will be prominently displayed – no matter what – and that my household will remain blessed by Him. Thank you, Lord, for that.

– P.S., Kaye –