Letting Learning Bring About a Consistency of New Things

I love coffee, and I love marketing; but above all, I am passionate about learning.

While there are many things that I love to do and many things that I share passionate affection towards, nothing excites me more than discovery. Well, that, God, and discovery in God.

My many interests and self-made attraction to things are the result of my loving to learn. The moment that I uncover something new, something more than before, I am excited as if it were my first new discovery. I love the feeling of having found out something new – that “Wow” moment.

To some, it may look like I have a lot on my mind or misguided interested perhaps; but it really is a mixture of many interesting subjects and the exciting interest in the thrill of being involved in the newness of all of them.

Learning can bring about a consistency of new things, too. It can bring us to our senses; make us aware of better ways of doing things. It can be a staunch awakening to the need for change within and can be the best benefit to us – if we are open to it.

God is not accidental in who He makes us. He is perfect in all His ways and looks for us to bring about His perfection as we carry out passion the that God has equipped us with.

– P.S., Kaye –

Looking to God for your strength

I recognize that I am NO THING without the Lord. He is the One who is my strength.

I thank the Lord for His wisdom and His perfection. I am able to share creatively, something that I enjoy with sincerity.

I enjoy creative artistic expressions. That is where I am at my best. But I love doing work, and being sincere about your strategy means value added. Blessing the work of our hands in prayer is very important to us.

Lord, help me sincerely seek your strength so that I may find new strength through you.

– P.S., Kaye –

God’s Word over me

We all deal with fears insecurities in our lives, but it is important that we do not let them become us.

Some places in my life have been stronger than others because of God’s guidance; in other times, I’ve had to receive the help and support of the Lord – in whatever manner the Lord chose to provide assistance and uplifting.

Many times, it is my own husband who prays over me and sends me personal words of encouragement.

In other areas I have to stand firm and recall who the Lord has created me to be.

In each instance, the Lord gives confirmation of who I am in Him.

I am what God has called me to be, and sometimes I have to see that for myself, no matter what I look like or feel like in this moment.

My strength is Godly persistence – calling fears, anxieties, and thoughts of imperfections into subjection of the Holy Spirit – and living out God’s Word over me.

– P.S., Kaye –

My Name Is…

My name is Karen, and what I enjoy most is learning about the Lord. What I truly enjoy is having a sense of discovery.

My mind is very complex and seeks creative exploration. One colorful destination is not enough, as my heart must be satisfied by pursuant pursuit of discovery having come to life. My heart is pure, and I love deeply.

Sentiment is core to my nature, and I look for lasting, life-long memories in even the simplest of adventures, forever engrained to the picture of my mind.

I’ll never stop learning as long as I live; I have always had an avid sense of untamed curiosity, even if satisfying it was in the essence of my own mind. I’ll always love my complexities, and chuckle a little after having “discovered” something new – even if the “new” was something about me myself.

I love both simple rules of etiquette as well as messy hands and rugged feet.

I enjoy intellectual conversations and quiet, personal moments of peace more than one can know.

I’m the talker in the room, and also the one that wants to be the least noticed.

Food is nearly a quality – I love to cook it, and I love to eat it. But #coffee is my forté.

I love to laugh – it’s one of my best assets. I love the people in my life, especially the one who made me his wife – I’m just witty like that.


– P.S., Kaye –

Destination: Anywhere

It could have been Tampa, but it could have likely easily been anywhere.

I had a knack for traveling – my family traveled often growing up, so seeing the places we visited through the eyes of a curious youth enhanced that desire.

Boston, New York, and Seattle were among my top picks – Boston for the culture, city art and it’s up-and-coming urban backdrop; New York City for the love, fashion, and editorials…the speed, ecclecticism, and opportunity to attend grad school to focus on architectural development and scaling of modern and urban cities; Seattle for one thing and one thing only. #Coffee: The birthplace of American coffee.

Tampa became the winner because of its business opportunity to me. Traveling and exploring wasn’t just a dream; it was a mandate and destined to happen by God. And I’m so glad He did. It’s where I met my husband. It’s where I started my business. And it’s where God intends for me to continue to grow.

And I’m so glad He did. Because, it’s just the beginning.

– P.S., Kaye –

When I was 17

I was 17 years old when I got my first job – I felt relevant and independent. I was a working woman. I felt ready, and it was timely.

It was such a wonderful, youthful time. Everything was fresh, so new, and real.

Working as a brand sales representative for Limited Too! Inc. was where I got my customer service experience. Connecting with customers was, for me, more than just a sales experience or an upsell opportunity. I really did enjoy being myself and sharing the “happy” experience.

I was in a work environment that challenged us to be great, empowered us to make wise decisions, and equipped us with core retail management structure.

I loved every minute of it.

Before long, I was promoted to Lead Brand Representative which came with a full $1 raise (when you received a whole dollar raise, you were considered to be doing ‘big things’ back then) and a set of register keys. I could make management decisions and would now be considered to the path of leadership, elevation, and management within the company. There was only one Lead Brand Representative per store, and I was it for ours.

Acting in that capacity helped me to perfect leadership qualities within. And while the role itself was incredibly exciting, the importance of having a balanced perspective and approach to customers, employees, sales, and now district and regional management was work – and it required a serious mindset.

Looking back I realize this fact even more. It’s funny how our current circumstances teach us, whether we realize we’re being taught or not, and fully equipped us with what we need for the moment and to flourish in our future.

There was so much fun then, so many new and shared experiences, so much more to where this “first job” took me from there…

The reflection back to these things are so sweet; living in the moment was so much sweeter.

…reminds me to cherish every moment in the now…

– P.S., Kaye –

It Was Courage

I’ve always been a goal-seeker and an explorer – even if that meant exploring the intellect of my own mind.

I guess sometime after I’d spent a few years too long in college, I’d made-up my mind that I was going to begin building my professional resume through local job opportunities. I’d set my heart on becoming an administrative assistant, an entry point to corporate America and a great career-building opportunity.

The gig was on.

I began working over the summer for a real estate investment trust that owned and managed golf courses throughout the country (yes, Innisbrook Golf Club in Tampa Bay was one of them). The new job was only supposed to last a couple of months, as the company was in the process of liquidating its assets. I was efficient in my work – and proud of it, might I add – and before summer ended, I was asked by the controller to stay on throughout the end of the summer.

My time with them lasted on through ’til the end of the year.

Since I was in college, I had linked up with our Career Services (that’s how I found the first job) and decided to further explore career-building opportunities. I moved on to work for a family-owned business (or collaboration of businesses) whose services focused on masonry and custom home building, which was a perfect scenario because I wanted to be an architect.

They trusted me as a leader and organized employee having a skill for detail and a passion for organized management procedures. I soon find myself working directly with the owners and architect, organizing their processes, managing OSHA guidelines, and visiting job sites to ensure procedure delivery and follow through.

Efficiency could have worked in their long-term best interest; I would soon understand that, in their case, small family-owned business really did mean small, family-owned. They didn’t have the room or budget for a long-term employee like myself, nor the other interns and assistants that they’d hired. But, they did have need for a robust process which I helped create for them.

Exciting times.

Career Services at my college created a track record of having produced great jobs; but this time, I had experience.

I was a “machine” so-to-speak. I had lots of energy, natural intellect, critical thinking, a healthy curiosity, and the drive and will power to create. With my God-given abilities and my recent job experience, I looked for more inclusive jobs – ones that required the use of my knowledge, skill and experience. Ones with forward opportunity.

There it was.

Document Control Specialist.

Definitely mine. I met with Career Services on to fulfill their required information and resource counseling opportunity. Applied.

On December 6, 2003, I began working as the Document Control Specialist for T.Y. Lin International, civil engineering firm and bridge designer for the $531 million Arthur Ravenel Bridge project and $63 million Cooper River Bridges Demolition project. I received my very own shoebox office.

And, BOOM! Just like that, my career path began.

Sometimes life’s course can lead us through great accomplishments – whether or not we recognize the immeasurable growth that took place from the start.

I’ll tell you WHO knew what ordered steps that my path would require.

God did.

– P.S., Kaye –

Using Godly Affirmation for Your Fuel

You are good enough.

In fact, you are enough.

I feel like every so often there has to be reminders of this aspect of positive truth and motivation within our lives.

So, be encouraged!

Now that we have been encouraged, I emplore you to take Godly actions to fine tune yourself and your process.

The LORD said to Moses, “Why do you cry to me? Tell the people of Israel to go forward. – Exodus 14:15

Taking too long to reflect sometimes can hinder our forward process and progress.

So, when you feel like the chips are so-called “down,” be encouraged, reflect on good and Godly actions, then get moving to complete them.

Because, you have been affirmed in the Lord. After all, shouldn’t you walk in that?

– P.S., Kaye –

Recognizing God’s Good Gifts of Love

I am thankful to the Lord for His works in our lives.

One step forward at a time still represents movement and progress.

Delight thyself in the Lord, for He will give you the desires of your heart.

Recognize God’s good gifts of love in those things He has set before you and has allowed you to experience.

God will never leave you or forsake you; He will always make sure that you’ll have all that you may need.

– P.S., Kaye –

Living Intently in Godly Pursuit

Today was a good day.

And although it didn’t necessarily play out how I’d imagined (well, I didn’t necessarily imagine it, lol), God made sure that He was there through everything.

Living in God means choosing His Will and His way; and while things may not always go exactly as you planned, know that choosing His way will get you there.

I am choosing each day that I am bound to His Will, as I am aware of His ever-present presence and my need to respond with righteous actions.

– P.S., Kaye –