Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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A Storm, A Path, and A Love Story

Her inner beauty matched her outer beauty. What took her so long to call me, though? 😂 It’s been three weeks now – I almost moved on😂…not really!

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9pm I would normally be sleeping by now, but tonight I’m not concerned with sleep. She didn’t throw my number away. The sounds of her voice displays the depths of her soul. A smile fills my face as I walk through my apartment, now knowing that she’s only a few buildings away.

Her conversation was different from others – with listening ears she spoke and articulated back the same love and desire for a relationship with the Lord that I had.

It wasn’t funny to her; she didn’t treat it with a nonchalant attitude. My zeal and desire to know the Lord in a deeper way wasn’t too much for her. She didn’t need me to turn it off or turn it down. In fact, she too, spoke with passion and conviction concerning her love for Him – a compelling emotion that we both shared but couldn’t express with our words alone. An explosion of awesomeness and glory, true soul mates have collided, created from the beginning for one another.

The power that would exist within this couple would not come from careers, degrees or a higher level of education; it came from God, and He continues to maintain that same power to this very day.

My prayers and thoughts to God as I drifted off to sleep that night: “WOW, God! Lord, she is beautiful spiritually and looking to grow in you. She’s really been here this whole time. Forgive me for my moments of doubt and frustration. You are my shepherd – help me continue to trust your process.” Stay tuned for more, we will continue to share our story.

P.S., ‘A Storm, A Path, and A Love Story’ by Seneca & Kaye Howard

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