Friday, March 24, 2023
Faith Healing

Movement Takes Place Within the Storm

Tonight, a huge burden and weight was lifted off of our shoulders through prayer, and we sat by our kitchen window to take some time to reflect and enjoy the peace of the storm outside. As we sat, we experienced the Lord’s presence, conversation, and the movement of the storm.

Sometimes we fear the storm; we even try to avoid it or run from it, hoping that it does not come our way, praying that it causes no “disrupt” in our lives. But what we must realize is that movement takes place within the storm. Change takes place, dry and arid places become watered, and the fruit of new things occur. There is a shift that happens before the morning when we are to come out and evaluate all that has taken place while we found places of solace and comfort. There is a dynamic that now exists in the end that never once existed before. And, amid the storm, new places can be found.

What this means is to be OK with the storm. Take rest, and look for God’s movement.

Let the movement of God’s storm take place in your life. If you were seeking moments of change, or if you were looking for a sign of movement to take place: this is that time. While there are many storms that come in life, there are some where God seeks to accomplish something of significance. Be willing to walk through the storm with God. Look forward to coming out on the other side.

P.S., Kaye Howard

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