Tuesday, June 06, 2023
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Remain Committed to Your Healing Process

On this night, Lord, I honor You for the renewal of my healing.

One year ago, the Lord healed me. He removed a twist on the left side of my body that had caused severe pain and discomfort; imbalances in my walking, thinking, and talking; nerve pressure, pain, and pulling; eye strain; exhaustion; and sadness. He removed it in an instant, and in an instant I could move as freely as I wanted. The pain subsided; my wobbly feet stood firm; my eyes, fingers, and arms stopped twitching; and I could stand firm – even jump from side-to-side – without nearly a stumble.

He told me it was up to me to maintain my healing and gave me the right tools to do so. In my commitment to Him, I must be consistent in my thanksgiving and praise to Him for His wonderful gift. I must use the tools He has given to me for continued strength, conditioning, and care. I must be responsible with what God has shared with me.

When God moves within your life and elevates your positioning, choose to honor Him by offering waves of thanksgiving; then, honor Him by staying committed to using the right set of tools He has given to you to maintain your healing in Him.

Lord, I honor You for your healing, and I offer my thanksgiving to You. I will remain committed to the tools and process of Your healing which has been given to me.


Kaye Howard

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