Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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The Transformative Power of The Lord’s Peace

I was really quite tired and was a bit drained today, so limiting my involvement was important to my health and peace.

Since I wasn’t feeling quite like myself, I decided to take things a bit slow, eat a little breakfast (yes, coffee made an appearance!), listen to my Bible reading via audio today, and immerse myself in restful tranquility.

As I experienced the joy of my coffee in my kitchen, I came across some design inspiration that inspired me to find joy through a small transformation within my home. This minor “shimmy” i.e., movement, of two chairs created a new cozy and inspirational experience within my home. It also allowed me to find better use of smaller design pieces in places in my home – like the use of a decorative painting my husband’s mother enjoyed in her home and the placement of her Bible in the center of our living room. These changes warmed my heart and also inspired the movement and final completion of a new shelf for my home office.

My husband and I found joy in our experience by working together on the details of the plan for the shelf. This became the highlight of my day ! 🙂

When all was done, we had a newly inspired and candlelit gathering place in the living room and a new shelf to better organize books and more. It was truly a lovely, charming, quiet, cozy, and tranquil day.

It is amazing how unique Godly inspirations can both motivate us and contribute to our healing and peace of mind. And I am glad for God sharing His inspiration all throughout our home today. May the Lord inspire and motivate you to experience the transformative power of His tranquil and peace.


P.S., Kaye Howard

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