Friday, July 12, 2024
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“Always stay the course”

“Always stay the course.” – Kaye

God gave me this word as I wrapped up my nightly blogging and meditation last night, and I jotted it down because I thought it would be a useful topic to write or teach about in the future.

But tonight, this word is ringing very clearly to me, as I had just been feeling off and not quite myself today.

It’s a reminder that I can always ask for God’s help, and that He will give me His guidance. It’s an important reminder to be encouraged in our pursuits.

You may have days where you’re not feeling up to it or where things seem to just slow down a bit. But that’s OK. Take things step-by-step according to God’s plan, and He will surely lead you through. Don’t be discouraged. Place your faith, your goals, your will, and your accomplishments all in God’s Holy favor, and He will walk you through.

Have you ever needed encouragement in your pursuits; will you lean into God for it?

P.S., Kaye

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