Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Be Clear with the Pursuits of Today

The Lord made my pursuits clear today.

I’ve been wanting to make progress on some personal projects, and today I had some time to give to them. But in knowing the scale of each pursuit, I wanted to be sure to tackle them in an achievable way.

Sometimes, we can feel that the things set before us are too large to accomplish. But we don’t have to. In place of giving up, stopping, or staying put, we can ask God for His clarity and desire in our movement forward.

In seeking The Lord’s guidance, He gave clarity to the steps I needed to take today, and I was able to move in a manner in which Godly progress was made – and I experienced His joy in doing so.

In all that you do, remember that you can seek God and His guidance – and all you need will be supplied to you. God’s path will always lead you across the finish line. Don’t be worried or bothered about the scale of things; just seek God on what is set before you today.

33 – First of all, look for the holy nation of God. Be right with Him. All these other things will be given to you also. 34 – Do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will have its own worries. The troubles we have in a day are enough for one day. – Matt 6:33 & 34

P.S., Kaye Howard

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