Friday, July 12, 2024
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Friday, A Day of Good News

I had originally written this on Friday, June 20th. But today, after receiving an incredible promise from the Lord by way of good news, it became evident that it was the perfect day to share! We are just so thankful for the Lord’s covenant and are just thrilled as we see His blessings unfold before our eyes. So, thank You, Lord, for your wonderful promises and for blessings being fulfilled and manifest here in our life. Today is another “Friday, a day of good news!”

Friday, A Day of Good News

I just wanted to write and thank God for the good news He gave today! The Lord is a promise-giver and a promise-keeper.

Thank you, Dear Lord, for what You shared. It’s a turning of the seasons. All has been given of and by You, Lord. We are grateful for Your overwhelming love towards us.

You are blessed, Lord.



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