Saturday, July 20, 2024
Faith Inspiring You! Radiant Woman

One Week Down, One Week to Go!

I accomplished so much this week, and I am looking forward finishing out my goals in the upcoming week!

What I’ve accomplished: starting my health journey, being consistent in my video logs and tracking my process, losing 4 pounds (!), movement on business and professional goals, and starting on my new website. I am excited and pray that I honor God through and in all of this.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I continue going forward ready to accomplish the goals that remain!

It’s good to check your progress as you move along the way; this is my ‘progress check,’ I am committed to moving forward and finishing everything that I said I would do. There’s no time better than the current, and I‘m looking forward to yielding Godly results.

I am both excited and motivated for the final outcome and results!

And I encourage you as you move forward in accomplishing all of your goals.

What goals are you stepping forward in, and how will you finish (will you finish them to completion)?

P.S., Kaye

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