Friday, July 12, 2024
Finding Kaye

Being Available to God

When we say that we are available to God, we make time and room for Him to move as He sees fit for our best purpose. This means we must first clear out old, dark places within our lives where we have allowed death and immobility to reside. “Get up! And get moving,” God says.

I’m Available…

“Use me, Lord to show someone the way and enable them to say…my storage is empty, and I am available to you.”

Listen: I’m Available by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

When we become obedient to God and allow Him to step into position in our lives, the glory of the Lord can be reflected in us, around us, and about us – allowing for His light to radiate within someone else’s life, motivating them to make room for God in a manner that incredibly changes their life as they begin moving forward in their God-driven purpose.

Allow God to begin a breaking away in your life that will promote healing, wisdom, and dramatic change as you serve Him in all that you do. For the eyes of the Lord search the earth to find one who is worthy [READING: 2 Corinthians 16:9a]. Can you be found?

PS – Kaye

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