Friday, July 12, 2024
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Give Your Pain and Struggles to the Lord

So the night after writing >this post<, I literally got NO SLEEP… LITERALLY. I had given the cares of the day over to the Lord, done my nightly stretches, read my Bible scriptures and began to drift away into rest. It is 1:24am. Moments later, BAM, I am awake.

Body in pain.

My nerves and joints delicately sore with a sitting pain.

Oh, and I also have a terrible cold🙄😷🤒😔.

My husband comes over to rub my arms in order to give me some relief, then rolls ointment on my skin to help soothe and relax the pain. He rubs my hands, my arms, my shoulders, gives me more medicine, then carefully pulls the covers up over my chin so that I can return to a restful state.

After he turns the lights out, I sit there for a while longer, trying to allow the peace of rest to set back in. After more tossing, more pain, and temporary moments of “drifting,” I finally give in and move to the couch.

It…feels… a bit more… comfy…

Still, no rest.

It is 4:37am. I decide, “maybe I can catch up on a little work?” The holy spirit blatantly said, “No!”

So I decide to go into my office and watch a few of my favorite HGTV shows online.

My husband wakes up, walks past the office and gives my the “are you really still up?” look. After finishing my TV shows, we both move to the living room couches where I snuggle warmly under my blanket and we talk about music and singing; we sing, we laugh, sing more… it is now 7:09am and we both are drifting into rest, the morning’s light now peeking in our living room windows.

Shortly after 8am, I drift into a peaceful, painless rest, and the Lord offers me a place to abide there with Him for a few hours.


I am writing this to say that every day may not be an easy one. When I wrote that post, I was very excited. I was feeling great about the path forward and about doing my part in what will become a successful Health Journey. But the following days were filled with a little more struggle than in the days just before. This could be discouraging. If you are feeling this way, and if you are experiencing life or other circumstances in this way, I want to let you know that you can do it. You CAN overcome it.

On your worst days, let the Lord know your pain and your struggles. Give it to Him, and know that you are heard. Now that you’ve done this, you can delight in His praise and give Him the gift of Thanksgiving.

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