Saturday, July 20, 2024
Finding Kaye

Letting God’s Will Be Alive in You — Me!

I can always tell when I’m where God wants me to be. Work doesn’t seem so hard, and I am both at peace and at rest being busy in a day’s work.

Today’s work was very interactive, yet peacefully nuanced with productivity.

Each day, I pray for our work to be effective to God’s glory. When we work for Him, allowing Him to anoint our hands, the only outcome that can be is one that brings Him glory.

So, we must evaluate every area of our life: do our efforts in every area reflect the Will and the Work of the Lord?

I love the Lord for His grace, good measure, and peace He offers to us. And every day, my goal is to please Him and to live in peace in His Will that is alive and lives within us!

P.S., Kaye

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