Friday, July 12, 2024
Finding Passion

How are you Pursuing Passion

Nearly 9 years ago (wow!), God gave me Passion Series as a way to explore those things I am most passionate about. It was a one-year journey of discovery and looking to God for His answers on things I should pursue in life. There were already things that I was passionate about, and in this journey, I looked to God on what should stay along for a foundation to be set for many seasons to come.

I have always been passionate about God & family, my love and passion for coffee, cooking, eating and all things in the kitchen, marketing and the growing company thereof; and discovery.

Fast-forward to now, and as I take a walk back through memory lane, I love God for allowing me to pursue. In this season, God has granted me the ability to pick up those passions like never before: to make fulfilling moves and to find the joy of the Lord in doing so.

So here I am, writing, exploring, discovering.

How are you pursuing YOUR passions?

Passion Series Challenge:

Oh, how I love lists! Write down your most pertinent passions. What steps do you need to begin working – at any level – towards starting on the road to fulfilling Passion? Start at that place now, and build upon that momentum! Then look back: Did you achieve your start goal?

P.S., Kaye

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