Saturday, July 20, 2024

God is not lax concerning His Promise

God is not lax concerning His Promises. He is working things out for your good.
2 Peter 3:8-9
Meaning, that although there is a process, He will surely allow it (The Promise) to come to pass – and it is not delayed. The timing is perfect by His standard and for your benefit.
Trusting God is really endurance to the end.
I used to run cross-country, which is a sport built for endurance. I am a sprinter, and I excelled on the court and on the field. My ‘longest’ run prior to cross-country was the 400-meter which was still set for speed.
My cross-country coach would use my ability to sprint and speed with excellence as a time benefit over the opposing teams. Albeit, as nearly Last as I was, there was a position necessary for me to play.
Endurance as a runner was never really a strong place – sprinting with power and winning was my forte.
So now I am, for the first time, running with endurance and committing to a firm persuasion that brings about true faithfulness to God and a steady belief system that God is Every. Thing. He. Said. He. Would. Be.
I asked God for endurance and a new physical conditioning that keeps me accountable to the process.
And so He gave it. And I must be faithful to yield Godly effort and Godly results.
It’s the process that brings about The Promise.
-P.S., Kaye –

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