Friday, July 12, 2024

God’s Gifts Within us Are Best

I’ve never felt so carefree as I do now! When God says for us to believe in His affirmation, then, DO!
God led me to Exodus 4:1-17 for my study time with Him today. My husband spoke to me about Moses accepting the Lord’s affirmation and being careful not to accept the diminished viewpoint of others’ thoughts and doubts against him.
Moses struggled with acceptance of even Godly value in him. The Lord’s anger was “kindled” (i.e., burnin’ 🔥) against him. WHY should we ever question God’s gifts in us? WHY?! God’s gifts within us are our best value!
God calls Moses, and us, to recognize that He, Who IS our Creator, has called us and will put His Will at work through us – so never fear! It is God Who makes us ready.
God left me with four words, proving His success within me today: Think. Create. Complete. Rest.
It’s now time for rest, because the Lord has allowed me to complete my days’ work in His standard. Doing things in God’s way will always yield works of freedom!
– P.S., Kaye –

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