Friday, July 12, 2024

Movement in the right direction

As I approached my work today, I realized that it was important for me to do a little “housecleaning,” to begin organizing certain files as I came across them, and to find pleasure in it. I realized that today’s work was a little different and had happily settled on the fact that the big ticket items may not be first but that they may get required attention a little later in the day.
Upon this realization, I asked the Lord to allow my hands to touch everything that He wanted us to, to allow for us to be effective in completing that work, and for the outcome of our handiwork to bring glory to God’s Name.
No sooner than I’d finished the prayer that God started prompting me to do this, do that, move this way, move that.
While it seemed like certain things may have been distractions, time take-aways, or obstacles, one of the biggest purported frustration of the day became the fire that mobilized us to a closed business deal.
To round out the day, a final meeting in our community proved God’s work through us – progress has been made simply because of our obedience to the Father and our persistence in it.
I am now realizing that change does not happen overnight in the way that we would fashion it; change occurs in exactly the manner that God ever intended it to. It is for us to obey and persist.
I love the Lord for allowing dreams to become realized before us.
An added bonus was yesterday’s movement in the right direction.
– P.S., Kaye –

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