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A Storm, A Path, and A Love Story

“With my affirmations in mind, I wrote a list on yellow memo paper of what I wanted in a spouse. As I wrote more and more, I compiled a list of affirmations, folded the paper, put it in a decorative urn on my living room table, and periodically prayed to God with my affirmed desires, occasionally adding important intricacies to my list.”

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I remember one night after having met and spoken to Seneca Howard, taking the list from the urn, kneeling down beside my bed before resting for the night, and praying to God specifically for him to be my husband. He’d been living up to the affirmations that I’d written down, and he wouldn’t come to know that I’d even completed The List until years later… I somehow “knew” that he was “the one” but still prayed to God with a sincere heart so that He would be sure to order it. Although I had been in past relationships, I’d never had the feeling of “just knowing” that this was the right person for me. Somehow, this time I “just knew…”

Tonight, I am sharing with everyone:

  • The List that I affirmed and placed before God
  • Two Hearts – the vows that I’d written to Seneca in the months prior to our wedding date (in the bridal photo, you can see me holding the folded note card)
  • The Wedding Note – a note that I’d written to Seneca to be given to him on our wedding day, September 27, 2014. (My mother always gifted me with beautifully decorated special note cards; I’d only use this “Kaffir Lily” design for incredibly special circumstances. I’ve only used TWO of these from this package – and one was written to Seneca.)

P.S., ‘A Storm, A Path, and A Love Story’ by Seneca & Kaye Howard

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