Saturday, July 20, 2024
Finding Passion Homemaking Inspiring You! Marriage & Love

Enjoying the things of God and sharing in new experiences

I enjoyed experiencing all of the things that God shared with us in this day!

Starting my day with my husband, coffee and our little doggie out on our new outdoor lounge.

Resting, and finding peace in taking care of our home.

Watching my husband find joy in the passion of cooking.

Chit-chatting with my sister.

Exploring creative food made by my husband.

Being inspired to bake a cake.

Making, or rather my husband making, a Bourbon walnut drizzle for our cake.

Helping my husband in his endeavors.

And ending the night sharing and inspiring others to seek God and to find peace and blessings within their marriage.

As I reflect, I realize that so much joy, inspiration, and peace was in this day.

And I am happy for God sharing it with us and for allowing these new and useful experiences to bring so much good measure to us.

Thank You, God.

P.S., Kaye

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