Friday, July 12, 2024
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Putting down the “What ifs” and picking up what IS

Some incredible things have happened this week, and I am so happy for them.

In starting something new, I am always ready – for the new experience, for goal-setting, for the growth pattern that this new thing presents.

But, somewhere in this line-up of excitement came anticipation, thinking way farther than I ought with “What if?“.

I’d repent for the thought and would continue on with anxious excitement, with the “What if” eventually creeping back in somewhere. I’ve had about three major “What if” moments…

Today, my husband congratulated me for a job well done – he’s looking forward to these good things, too! Within hours, in thinking about the excitement of it all, one thought led to another which again led to, “What if?”.

This time with my repentance came a clear and distinct Word from God: “putting down the what ifs and picking up the what IS!

This one’s reset shut my inconsistent thoughts up, both cautioning me and affirming the God gifts in me.

I must be careful not to write in a false narrative over my God blessing. What IS is that God has given our household incredible blessings. What IS is that He has already equipped me to perform! What IS is that we will enjoy every positive moment and blessing that God gives to us. What IS is God IS, and that’s that!

P.S., Kaye

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