Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Receiving that which is given

My husband, Seneca, did a very special thing today: he cooked one of my favorite meals and made a special honey mustard sauce just for me!

I am really thankful for this. It brought me so much joy.

So, the night before I was talking about one of my favorite restaurants I frequented as a young professional in my hometown of Charleston. I was very descriptive in the meal, how and when I went to get it, the taste, and the wonderful memories it had brought me.

As we got into the kitchen he said that he will be cooking today because he had plans to cook the meal a certain way.

As he moved to make the special sauce, eventually, he asked if I knew what he was doing. With all of the ingredients he had out, I actually did not know. We have been even more creative in the kitchen lately, and I figured it was something good. In a few moments he asked again, “Can you tell what I am making now? You can probably tell from the color.”

In that moment I said, “Honey mustard,” smiling. Yep, that was the special sauce. I love eating them with some chicken tenders. And he made the whole meal.

There is something special about the honey mustard sauce – but today, it was something special in detail about this sauce. It was tasty and went perfectly with the crispy chicken tenders that he made. What made it even more special is the time and effort put into it – the desire to do something really special for me. I realized that in all my talkin’ about that restaurant, my husband heard something unique and put together a beautiful surprise – considering the menu surprise long before he got into the kitchen today.

That is what I love about my husband: the care and effort he gives to love and care for others. It is truly a genuine characteristic and a gift from God. It is something that he is passionate about. He told me, “Today is going to be a good day! Today is going to be a good day!”

And it was. And it is my new favorite sauce.

Love you, my King Seneca 🤗,

Your wife, Kaye.

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