Friday, July 12, 2024
Radiant Woman

Holy Spirit Breath of God

Was near to me today. He allowed me to arise to His wonderful breeze: the wonderful Breath of God.

I didn’t sleep last night – or this morning. In my arising to begin my morning prayer, God had me walk past the sunroom to see the beauty of His sunrise: God’s beautiful Holy Spirit.

I decided, that if the sun was still just the same after I completed my morning devotions, that I would get my morning task list done as I sat in His wonderful presence.

Grabbing my morning coffee, sitting at my computer in the sunroom, I could hear the beautiful breath of God in the trees as His beautiful Holy Spirit sun glistened through the curtains. I was all alone with just Him.

The reminder of His breath, His beautiful sun rays felt like the sun never changed position.

God, I acknowledge Your presence. Lord let me always see your ways. Please always stay with me so that I may honor my commitment to do Your Will, always.


Your Daughter, Kaye.

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