Saturday, July 20, 2024

Letting Learning Bring About a Consistency of New Things

I love coffee, and I love marketing; but above all, I am passionate about learning.

While there are many things that I love to do and many things that I share passionate affection towards, nothing excites me more than discovery. Well, that, God, and discovery in God.

My many interests and self-made attraction to things are the result of my loving to learn. The moment that I uncover something new, something more than before, I am excited as if it were my first new discovery. I love the feeling of having found out something new – that “Wow” moment.

To some, it may look like I have a lot on my mind or misguided interested perhaps; but it really is a mixture of many interesting subjects and the exciting interest in the thrill of being involved in the newness of all of them.

Learning can bring about a consistency of new things, too. It can bring us to our senses; make us aware of better ways of doing things. It can be a staunch awakening to the need for change within and can be the best benefit to us – if we are open to it.

God is not accidental in who He makes us. He is perfect in all His ways and looks for us to bring about His perfection as we carry out passion the that God has equipped us with.

– P.S., Kaye –

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