Friday, July 12, 2024

Persistency pays off – even if the result looks different than what you’ve envisioned.

Persistency pays off – yes, even if the outcome looks different than what you’ve planned.

My plans included what I believed to be the best batch of potential business contacts.

God surprised me.

He caused the one I’d set aside for later to call me back today.

I came to the realization that God will put the perfect outcome before us and that it will be fitting for our needs.

What we never thought we needed is what God chose a “best for us.”

After a continuous “grind” I found myself burnt out, tired, frustrated, sad, angry, and a little anxious at times.

After a brief time of “letting things settle down a bit,” God began to activate the need of pursuit within me.

Because of my constant state of having been “settled,” I found myself to have “settled into” it, and I cast doubt – fear even – when it came to movement and the thought of pursuit, and, nevertheless put off pursuit until I just could not any longer.

As I approached the prepared time of pursuit, I encountered fear, self-doubt, reluctance…all anxious emotions that initially prevented my action in response to God’s push.

But in my encouragement, and in God’s push to pursue, I accomplished.

Every. Name. On. That. List.

And then the one.

Be pursuant in your obedience to the intended pursuit of the Lord.

Because in your obedience and within your pursuit is Godly manifestation of Godly purpose all wrapped up within a mighty Godly blessing. And I had to learn that.

Is God initiating or stirring pursuit within you? If so, what and how is He calling you to fulfill that pursuit?

– P.S., Kaye –

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