Saturday, July 20, 2024

Thanking God for His Will Every Day

The Lord’s Will will always lead us to walking in the right outcome God has designed for us.

And in it we will be totally fulfilled.

As I reflect upon today, upon the things of this week passed, I am enlightened to know how God aligns and purposes things for our best – so that we can experience His goodness, so that we may develop and grow in Him, and that His glory be known by His good works concerning us.

I am happy that God refines us for His purpose, that He makes us better according to His Will and His need for us. I become excited about how His process prepares me, grows me, and causes me to both seek and take joy in what He has done. So, Lord, help me continue to look to You and align both my faith and my will with Yours so that Your process, Your Plan, and Your Outcome becomes complete in me.


P.S., Kaye

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