Friday, July 12, 2024

When I was 17

I was 17 years old when I got my first job – I felt relevant and independent. I was a working woman. I felt ready, and it was timely.

It was such a wonderful, youthful time. Everything was fresh, so new, and real.

Working as a brand sales representative for Limited Too! Inc. was where I got my customer service experience. Connecting with customers was, for me, more than just a sales experience or an upsell opportunity. I really did enjoy being myself and sharing the “happy” experience.

I was in a work environment that challenged us to be great, empowered us to make wise decisions, and equipped us with core retail management structure.

I loved every minute of it.

Before long, I was promoted to Lead Brand Representative which came with a full $1 raise (when you received a whole dollar raise, you were considered to be doing ‘big things’ back then) and a set of register keys. I could make management decisions and would now be considered to the path of leadership, elevation, and management within the company. There was only one Lead Brand Representative per store, and I was it for ours.

Acting in that capacity helped me to perfect leadership qualities within. And while the role itself was incredibly exciting, the importance of having a balanced perspective and approach to customers, employees, sales, and now district and regional management was work – and it required a serious mindset.

Looking back I realize this fact even more. It’s funny how our current circumstances teach us, whether we realize we’re being taught or not, and fully equipped us with what we need for the moment and to flourish in our future.

There was so much fun then, so many new and shared experiences, so much more to where this “first job” took me from there…

The reflection back to these things are so sweet; living in the moment was so much sweeter.

…reminds me to cherish every moment in the now…

– P.S., Kaye –

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