Saturday, July 20, 2024

Growing your faith in all seasons

I look at what is before me, and I am grateful to God – thankful for His blessings, blessings that only God can give.

God’s blessings are meaningful – He always has a reason and a purpose. This puts me in such an excited place. As the Lord continues to bless, the Lord has also incredibly increased my faith. Even in a blessed place – where things are good – the Lord can increase your faith. Sometimes it is easy to limit our faith growth in a blessed space. But experiencing the joy that accompanies God’s goodness helps our faith grow even further. It gives me a personal prayer and faith boost. This is a new season. And in this season – in the unexpected blessings, a place where God has done something so refreshing for us – is where I feel my faith strengthened and growing in leaps and bounds.


Because I am realizing that it is not enough to just appreciate the blessing; I must appreciate the Lord God who gave the blessing. That my faith is now focused on growing in relationship with God versus faith being tied to my earthly needs. THIS is why and how our faith can grow, even in blessed spaces.

Has your faith in God been strengthened in blessed seasons of your life?

P.S., Kaye

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