Saturday, July 20, 2024
Finding Passion Inspiring You!

Recharge and Refocus

Today was really all about keeping our focus and recharging in key areas of our lives.

The Lord had shared with me an important framework for the day, and it was necessary for it to be followed. The was something new and refreshing in it.

I often talk about helping others rediscover passion. But today, I think my own passion was awakened! The process to completing the tasks before me was an experience; but with the help of my quick-witted and knowledgeable husband, I was able to achieve. And it felt good.

And now tomorrow morning, we have a special blessing awaiting us, a reward for all our labor over the past few days.

Thank You! 🥰💐

Blessings and Favor, Your Wife, God’s Daughter, Kaye


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