Saturday, July 20, 2024
Radiant Woman

Reflect AND Pursue

Over the past two days, the Lord has really allowed me to truly reflect upon those things that He has allowed me to accomplish.

As I reflect, I realize the very ambition God gave me, He allowed me to accomplish with.

But God’s reflection leads me to new action: using the gifts of ambition and moving in Godly pursuit as it pertains to the plan that God has for my life – for our lives together in marriage and in ministry.

So I must get to work. This time of reflection really allowed me to grab ahold of the excitement of pursuit that I once had. And in that, my pursuit must coincide with and be effective to God’s Will in my life.

God is saying to me, “Use this as a tool for effectiveness right now. Pursue with Godly ambition, and let the Lord define your path.”


P.S., Kaye

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