Saturday, July 20, 2024
Inspiring You! Radiant Woman

Refocused and Reassured

I am excited about moving forward in God’s pattern!

God gives me what I need: gifts that are unique to me. And in order to see the full measure of my designated success, I must put down “my way” and pick up God’s way.

Here is where we’ll see the refreshing. Here is where we’ll feel the reassurance. To know that God chose you to complete a work using specific gifts given to you. It is your work you must complete, and not any one else’s. So, look at God’s pattern drafted especially for you, and get busy to work. Because, now is your time to flourish, Radiant Woman of God!

What pattern is God charging you to follow, and will you use it to accomplish His work for you?

P.S., Kaye, Radiant Woman

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