Saturday, July 20, 2024

Giving in to the Lord’s commands

Sounds like something that should happen without kickback, hmph?

Giving in doesn’t mean things won’t change. It doesn’t mean that there are no answers. Giving in doesn’t mean that you have failed. It means you’ve got to give up that control.

For so long we cling onto position that we have held onto for so long that we hadn’t realized the haze that surrounds us.

Giving in doesn’t mean that you cannot do it…eventually; but it just means that God has a better, finer, more efficient and effective way of accomplishing.

Giving in means totally and fully trusting in God to get it done and knowing with all your heart and mind that HE. WILL.

So, give in, girl. TRUST AND KNOW that God will DO IT!

How is God calling you to give in?

P.S., Kaye

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