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Radiant Woman

Radiant Woman, Week 1: Focusing on Your Benefits.

Radiant Woman: Focusing on Your Benefits.
You don’t need anything extra; you just need to focus on the benefits God has given to you!

Radiant Woman is really all about helping the Christian entrepreneurial woman have valuable support, encouragement, and tools for business & spiritual growth. Whether you own your business, work corporately, or are working towards establishing effective new goals in your life… You don’t have to be a business owner; you just have to be about your business – and that’s getting business in God’s way and not our own.
Today we’re talking about Focusing on Your Benefits. Last week, we officially launched Radiant Woman.
#1 – You have value
Just be you. I want you to right now write down three things that are your positive assets. Now reflect on why these assets are valuable to you and to the environment around you. What you have to offer the world is God-given and is unique. There is no substitute.
Psalm 34:5 AND Luke 11:33-36
You don’t have to take from or mimic someone else’s offerings or approach in order to be valued or to be able to offer something of worth. Out of all of the people in the world, God saw fit to give each of us our own unique thread of DNA – we each have our own genetic pattern and make-up. So if God made us so intricately unique on the inside, why would He neglect to give you something unique in all areas of your life?
The grass is always greener on the other side; but you don’t know what type of soil the other person is working with… Which brings me to my next point.
#2 – Nurture yourself
For some of us this simply means taking time and space for yourself – getting a spa day in. Writing in real and useful time for you to reflect and care for your personal needs. Obtaining the useful tools or classes to help you grow. Planning new things that bring new life and rejuvenation to your mind, body, spirit and overall wellness.
Spend time building yourself up. Not only can you take from the positive asset list you just created and speak positive affirmation over yourself; you can start with any measure that brings an elevation to self-value and self-worth. Let this be unique to you, and let it bring about a new liveliness in you! This can be a fun process!
#3 – Begin somewhere
Step into goal making. None of this will stick or be useful if you don’t commit to it. Commitment sometimes gets lost in the largess of things. It doesn’t have to be too big for you to handle. You just have to start somewhere. For me, that was literally affirming my God-given gifts and not allowing anything or anyone speak against it. It was understanding God’s anointing and equipping over me, and praying that I stay in His anointing so that my home and work will be blessed.
How will you start?
Is it just via the list of assets we just chatted about?
Is it writing out a new personal achievement plan?
Is it carving out time for rejuvenation?
Is it spending down time with core friends?
Is it doing something to spark your creative flow?
It doesn’t matter what you start with; it just matters that you start somewhere.
You are a Radiant Woman, worth value and full of light.

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