Saturday, May 18, 2024

40 Days to Wholeness


In 2012, our 40 Days to Wholeness Tour! This tour was all about understanding the necessity of adding God as a resource to our lives.

Our tour together featured daily words, Weekly Challenges, scriptures, guest speakers, and LIVE conversations (via Coffee Connection). YOU can take also this powerful journey – take a moment to catch up on all of the video sessions below! Catch up on series Tweets using the hashtag #40DaysWhole!


40 Days to Wholeness Schedule:
  • Week 1: The Importance of Prayer & Bible Study
    • Passion Pitch: How effective can daily prayer & study be to your life?
  • Week 2: Cleansing & Healing
    • Passion Pitch: How am I pursuing spiritual & personal healing & rejuvenation?
  • Week 3: Positive Thinking, Self-Restoration, Attitude Management
    • Passion Pitch: How do I view myself, and how does this affect my interactions and relationships?
  • Week 4: Balance – Scheduling, Time Management, Task Management
    • Passion Pitch: Do you take the time to adequately prepare for the intricacies of life, and how well do you keep in alignment with those plans?
  • Week 5: Balance – Family, Friendships, & Me!
    • Passion Pitch: How effective are we at setting boundaries?
  • Week 6: Living Abundantly – What It Means to Be Made Whole
    • Passion Pitch: How do you define wholeness or success?
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