Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Letting God Be Our Holy Motivation

Let God be your Holy Motivation – to new experiences, new ways, and a new thought process.

Seeing and hearing things God’s way is the only perspective we should see. And amid all circumstances, He will craft and motivate us to find that place of clarity – even if we have to push through.

I remembered that in my daily exercise today – that a focused exercise brings about a change. When we begin to focus our efforts on strengthening or building ourselves up, a certain new stamina and motivation comes over us. Our thoughts now become clearly focused and aligned with the purpose and results of our exercise. Our minds are geared toward successfully targeted results.

That is how God’s Holy Motivation works: He puts us in the right mindset for what is to be experienced before us, and He charges us to focus on the results of completion.

And now we have experienced something new that only God can give: a refreshed mindset, a rejuvenated focus, and a Holy, peaceful atmosphere set by The King.

How is God charging your focus; how will you experience His Holy Motivation?

P.S., Kaye

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