Saturday, June 22, 2024
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New Hope to Hope Again

We often attribute healing to our physical needs.

Brokenness often goes well beyond the point of affliction, and healing is often needed well beyond the place of our wound.

God is present with you in the spaces that you need Him the most, even when the burden of pain is not far removed from us.

I think about the many years of pain I endured from hemorrhagic cysts and the impact on me physically – it was something very tangible but also so very deeply emotional. It was a rollercoaster of change, but never quite without the affliction of continual enduring pain. My constant prayer was for God to remove the affliction far from me.

We all experience different levels of brokenness, different afflictions that have caused us pain; and whether physical, mental, or emotional, we’re all in need of God’s healing.

But what happens when healing looks different than what we imagined?

Embrace it, because the very essence of what healing does is nurture us in ways that we could’ve never imagined. That is what the Lord’s healing does for us. It completes us, restores us, it makes us whole and catapults us to a place where God can thrive us.

If healing is what you desire, then embrace the change that the Lord has for you.

On that day going into the early morning hours of October 19, 2019, three years ago, the Lord met me in my prayer time and, unexpectedly to me, took away a portion of my affliction and told me to maintain my healing. This was just the beginning. He alleviated the strain of my pain and gave me something new: hope. Hope in the joy of what this new feeling would bring. Hope in the joy in the freedom of movement.

Change often comes in unexpected moments. As I awoke this morning to the beautiful rays of sunlight peeking through my bedroom window today, I thought of how good God is and His healing that gives us new hope to hope again. Embrace His changes as He sets them before you, my friend, and I assure you that He will bring you new hope that lives again.

Read my story of healing here: ‘Hope In The Hard Places: Kaye’s Story of Hope And Healing’

– Kaye Howard –

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