Monday, April 22, 2024
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How Quiet God-moments Create the Best Memories

Sometimes it’s ok to take a moment to let God’s voice speak to you.

It’s an opportunity to gain focus on what He’d like to direct your attention to.

How do I know that God’s voice is speaking to me?

It’s in moments where you’ve planned a full agenda and you can’t fight the urge to just sit down and stop a little. It’s when you wake up at 7:39 in the morning, and the Lord sends you back to bed, and you hear the quiet storm of rain pouring outside your bedroom window. It’s when your dog gives you that look in the yard that says, “Please, stay awhile,” and you feel compelled to spend your day out in the yard with him playing with sticks and stones and eating roast beef sandwiches.

Spending time with God often inspires me to recognize life’s littlest moments – the moments that hold such small spaces of my time, but ones that create memories that I can hold dear to my heart. They mean something special to me.

I am thankful for today, because God allowed me to spend the best of it in quiet moments with Him, my hubbie, and my little doggie.

What are memorable God-moments that speak to your heart?

P.S., Kaye Howard

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