Monday, May 20, 2024
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When God Moves the Clutter

This past weekend, a cable to our hot water heater burst overnight and had begun to spray water all throughout our garage. Many things in our garage got saturated, but the damage was minimal, as we had recently been clearing out the garage for some new ideas that we had. But, some things that were still boxed up did get damaged – things that I hadn’t yet transferred to its new home and had debated whether or not to keep them all. I had just asked God the night before to make it clear to me how I was to portion and complete the final stage of clearing.

We put some boxes and items out in the sun on our driveway to completely dry out, and it was there in those moments that I began to see that the value that God was about to bring into our lives was much greater than the value of the sentiment of it all.

Some things begin to become much clearer when God moves the clutter out of the way for you.

I wasn’t expecting to go this direction on this day, but the Lord sent me this way, and in doing so I found the clarity I had prayed to Him for. I also found the freedom in this moment to discard and let go of things that I thought were once important. I’m a very sentimental person, you see, and I tend to keep a lot of items that hold meaning – from files to photos and furniture to little trinkets and such. I found, in yesterday’s experience, that in my willingness and desire to discard of many of these things – and my consistency of working at it – God caused me to see, in His way of orchestrating the day, that I no longer had to hold onto the sentiment of something to be able to release it.

Maybe you’ve been seeking God for how to approach your next steps? Although the garage represents a physical space, God orchestrated the day’s events in a manner that gave clear direction to my prayers. The result was about more than just letting go of a box of old stuff – it was about finding the value of what God intends to fill our space with in the now. And as you respond to the movement of the Lord, I pray that you will also experience His favor in the freedom of release.


Kaye Howard

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