Monday, April 22, 2024
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The Renewal Experience

Rest for Renewal.

Over the past few days, the Lord has allowed me to experience rest and time of reflection and calm with Him.

In rest, God told me to just be at peace as He leads me into this next space.

Go. Now.

As I completed my Bible reading today, I sat in a new space in my house – one that I hadn’t done much reading from. The Lord was sharing with me in some final moments, and something outside just caught my eye.

It was a bird’s nest.

I took some time to think about nature…its needs…and it just confirmed, through the scriptures in Job that I had been reading, the Lord’s Mighty Wonder, Holy Splendor, and The Detailed Creator that He Is.

Last night, I promised the Lord that I would finally complete the burning of each nightly prayer note I shared with Him. As I looked high at the bird’s nest, I felt a strong prompting to Go! – that now was the time to share my monument of thanksgiving with God for each prayer having been answered.

The Renewal Experience

Today’s actions were a God-requirement to finally stepping into the new space He has prepared. It was a burnt offering of past concerns, worries, fears and pains offered up to the Lord in thanksgiving and in an aromatic sacrifice of submission and openness to Him.

They were my nightly “discards,” in essence, notes given to the Lord and totally relinquished unto Him for full control, orchestration, and whole peace.

In the jar that each anointed note sat – multiple, I might say – a match was thrown and embers burned Holy fire to the Lord. I could smell the anointing oil of Frankincense & Myrrh with each breath’s blow; sometimes the Lord would take the wind, blow it into the bowl, and lift the lovely, aromatic smoke in the air. I thought about a Holy burnt offering, an aroma pleasing to the Lord.

As the glass jar burned still, I knew that this 3-day rest period had come to a close and that God has begun something incredibly new.

God has prepared the way. Now, what I must do is move in obedience, reverence, and the work to get it done.

Move with the Lord; let Him be your Guide.

P.S., Kaye

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