Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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How to Cross Things Off Your List

This season for me has been all about lists and accomplishing everything that God has for me to do. It’s time to cross them off!

In particular, this season has been about moving forward, getting things done, and ensuring preparations and a firm foundation for the next season. Over the past few days, there were some little things that, all together are a big thing, I’d been saying I really wanted to accomplish. I really needed to accomplish these things without it becoming or feeling like too much for me. So, at my husbands suggestion, I made a list of 20 things to accomplish over the next 20 days. One little thing a day would help me get things done in small chunks without seeming like a burden. Here is my list (don’t laugh)

My 20 Things

  1. Hang office TV
  2. Shelf below office TV
  3. Clip & paint toenails (Bonus: maybe paint fingernails, too)
  4. Complete baseboards and cap
  5. Organize and file mail and stacks and shred paper
  6. Order new PJs – maybe 2
  7. Throw out old wigs
  8. Clean dining room table for good
  9. One hour in the garage or 2 30-minute sessions
  10. Buy new rugs
  11. Remove Christmas lights
  12. Get vacuum cleaner
  13. New flower pot
  14. Return orders
  15. Clean and dust the house
  16. Spray
  17. Prepare for backsplash (research for final end piece)
  18. Order cabinet handles and seal cabinets
  19. Clean off dryer and organize laundry room
  20. Throw away old, unused things.

I’d even thought of a few extras:

  1. Chat with friends and family
  2. Exercise regimen
  3. Bathroom window film (find a frosted coating)
  4. Clean fish tank
  5. Get bookshelves
  6. Epsom Salt bath (A home therapeutic which can be done as a remedy to help relieve some of my health and nerve tension issues. I am currently unable to participate in massage therapy because of the ongoing pandemic.)
  7. Clean my email
  8. Wig box

I had made this big list on Sunday and had thought of a few things from the list (throwing out old wigs) that would get me started. But as each day went by, I wasn’t able to start, and decided to either “double up” activities in order to stay on track or to at least start fresh from the first thing I’d had in mind to complete when I actually do get started.

Yesterday evening I was compelled to move into the garage for just a few moments. I wasn’t sure of where I would start or what I would do, but I just went. A few hours and four containers later, I’d had a major accomplishment!

As I went to prepare for bed, I decided to check my list to remind myself of what I had placed on it. As I went down the list, I realized some of these things did get done, and I hadn’t realized that they’d been crossed off the list. I was happy! I’d spent more than an hour in the garage and had made progress; I’d hung a mail-sorter; the Christmas lights had been removed – well I had some help from my husband here; and I’d returned orders.

Your “list” may look something similar to mine (except for the wigs and Christmas lights, maybe); don’t ever feel overwhelmed or backed into a corner. Making a list is like taking a deep breath. It’s an acknowledgement of what you have before you, putting an achievable non-burdonsome plan in action, and a commitment to move forward.

Remember: Be of good cheer. This is a time given and granted by God to move forward in His peace, His direction, and His future.

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. – John 16:33


P.S., Kaye

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