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Marriage & Love

A Storm, A Path, and A Love Story

The Day When Opportunity Presented Itself Again… Don’t be afraid; we all must step out and take possession of our blessing.

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From the sidewalk I could see her through her patio sliding glass door. Her burgundy curtains were open today – disassembled blue wire bookshelf scattered across her living room floor and her two doggies on the lookout…

With phone number in my jacket pocket, I beckon for her to come over to the door, and she does. When she comes out the door, I simply asked, “Would you like some help putting your bookshelf together?” With a smile she kindly responded, “I’m okay.” She, on one side of her picket fence, and I on the other with the bookshelf and doggies now in her background.

As we talked, thoughts were racing through my head: “Don’t miss this opportunity…pull the paper out of your pocket, and give it to her.”

Preceding and leading with my words, I said to her that “I don’t usually do this. I would like to give you my contact information. If you have a boyfriend, throw it away.” She smiled and took it…

The story continues with “The Wait.”

P.S., ‘A Storm, A Path, and A Love Story’ by Seneca & Kaye Howard

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