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Mint Chocolate Coffee Delight

It is the first official day of winter, and this season brings with it all of the fun fancy little things like special holiday drinks and yummy Christmas delights. Today, I’m sharing with you my go-to coffee beverage for Christmas and any time of the year. It’s my Mint Chocolate Coffee Delight. It’s sure to brighten your night!

I’m making my one of fave coffee drinks that has many nuances of flavor, and enjoying it during the holiday season just elevates the experience all the more.


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Mint Chocolate Coffee Delight Recipe:

  • 2 TBS Sweetened condensed milk, which will really anchor in that yummy sweetness
  • 2 TBS Fresh roasted coffee beans ground to espresso (I’ve prepared my brew using a Vietnamese phin filter, but if you don’t have one, you can also just pull an espresso shot or even brew your coffee your preferred way).
  • Now, I’ve gotten these cute little peppermint sticks from the Dollar Tree, and that coffee is going to begin melting in all of that peppermint flavor. Take your drink to the next level by stiring the coffee & cream together with your peppermint sticks (or drop in a pepperment candy/candy cane)!
  • Add a dollop of whipped cream – of course, mine is homemade with a little heavy whipping cream, vanilla extract, a spoonful of confectioners sugar, and a hint of cinnamon all whipped together, or you can simply buy yourself a bottle at your local grocery store.
  • To top it all off, add yourself in some mint shavings and a candy cane treat to let that mint flavor seep all the way through!
  • Add on your favorite dark chocolate shavings.
  • And enjoy!!

I hope this cute & cozy recipe brings a little joy and sparkle to your holiday season. Thanks for watching!

Shop This Recipe:

Sweetened Condensed Milk: Walmart, Great Value (GV)

Guatemala El Tempixque Coffee: Oasis Coffee Spot

Peppermint Candy Sticks: Bob’s Sweet Stripes from Dollar Tree

Homemade Chantilly Cream: Heavy Whipping Cream from Walmart (GV), Domino Confectioners Sugar, Vanilla Extract, & Badia Spices Canela en Polvo (cinnamon powder)

Chocolate Topping: Ghirardelli Premium Milk Chocolate Baking Bar

Vintage Winter Cocktail Glasses from Gulfside Thrift Shoppes

May you and all those around you be blessed with the bountiful blessing of the Lord in this season and beyond, and may you be filled with His abundant joy, peace, and wellness! Merry Christmas, y’all!

– Kaye Howard –

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