Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Where One Season Ends, Another Begins.

It’s the final harvest of the season today, which means we’ll be closing out one chapter and moving on to the next.

Coming to the close of one chapter to begin another is not meant to bring discomfort. Closing one season to begin the nurturing and harvest for another simply means that God is present to do something wonderfully amazing through your next seasonal process.

Nurturing my basil plant has taught me many things in this current season:

1) To be persistent about nurturing the seeds you have planted and to pursue their sustained growth and development so that you are able to harvest new seeds in order to prepare for the next season to come;

2) Never give up. Be responsive to the needs of your current season and do all that is necessary to help your environment succeed and thriveand

3) Let God bring about the increase. Be committed to His process and submit yourself to Him so that He may teach you how to cultivate, be adaptable, and grow things beyond this current season.

As I wrap up my harvest today, I am thankful to God for all that He has presented to my husband and me in this season; and as I write, God’s rays of beautiful light shine through my kitchen window on the very first basil of this season as an affirmation to His words that He has spoken so dedicatedly over us. Let God affirm your movement from one season to the next.

I am thankful and ready to be present in our next season of growth, harvest, and abundance. I thank the Lord right now for all that You have done, and I pray that we honor You well as we move into this next season of Godly intentful preparation.

So now, I harvest this basil for the final harvest of the season, and I recommit you to the ground – to the earth – as a sign of our thanksgiving for God’s blessings and wonderful abundance given in this season!

May you be delighted in all that God puts into your hands to nurture in this coming season; may you treat it well, learn from His process of nurturing, and reap a wonderful harvest of abundance that He has prepared for you.

Live, dwell, and love, my friends; and however you choose to make home, be sure to make it place that’s well loved and a place that’s authentically you!


~ Kaye Howard ~

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