Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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15 Years and the Courage that It Took for Me to Get Here

Exactly 15 years ago this weekend God moved me to Tampa Bay, Florida. This weekend was one for the books!

My week was filled with reflective prayer and new, determined purpose. I spent time with God in a new way that I never imagined. He grew me. He planted me in new soil much like He planted me here in Tampa Bay.

I think about how new things were to me when I moved; things were filled with such a sense of exploration – filled with new purpose. Yes, I’ve been in this place before. The season just a few months ago has been a season of preparative purpose, so when this week approached, everything from a year ago until now has been a lead up to God’s planting me into new soil.

God has definitely taken this week to redefine some new things in my life, and in doing so, I understand He has called me to new purpose. I feel so refreshed, my thoughts and movements are clear and direct, and I take this new planting seriously. I’m looking forward to living out this new purpose God has called me to. So, with each day, I’ll continue to lean into God and look at Him closely as He directs my movement.

I realize that the word “courage” has been set before me. All it took was a little courage to make the move to Tampa Bay. And it’s going to take courage to move forward into the new place that the Lord wants me to be. But I’m glad He has planted me. Here in Tampa – and in this nice, new space where I’ll experience His movement and His guiding – in this new season.

As God prepares new ground for you, lean into Him. Have courage, and move when He calls you to. Is God calling you into something new? Trust that this new place is purposefully planted just for you. And you’ll do well.


Kaye Howard

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