Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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The Fall Season of Restful Preparation

What can we experience when we welcome new beginnings? When we take time for Godly, renewed rest, we allow God the time to restore us from the work that we have completed and to give us plans of wise preparation for what is next. In doing so, we will experience the refreshingly, sweet moisture of the air and the cool breeze of the Lord‘s breath upon our necks – an aroma that is truly resonating and vastly unforgettable.

Here is what the Lord has given me concerning the fall season:

It is a time of stillness, of quiet, reflection of rest, restoral, renewal, and of preparation. In this particular fall season, the Lord is giving opportunity through restful preparation. What we do in this season affects how we are able to live in our next. A cool quaintness fills the air, and the breath of God blows freely. What can we hear from Him, and how can we respond in our daily living and seasonal preparation?

As you take time to rest and prepare in this season, reflect upon these Godly words of wisdom to help you receive the plans that the Lord has prepared for you to complete in the coming season, and let God give you the components that are necessary to shape the outcome of your future.

Be encouraged, my friends, and however you choose to make home in this season, be sure to make it a place that’s well-loved and a place that’s authentically you.

Live. Dwell. Love.

~ Kaye

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