Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Committed to the Finish

Starting fresh and new is sometimes what we want to do – a start over, per se. But think with me for a moment: what work has God commissioned you to do that you’ve already begun, and are you fully committed to the finish?

Beginning at the starting line is easy: all you have to do is just show up. But getting through the race may be challenging. Not all races are a 50-yard dash.

I used to run on the cross country team, and starting out with a big burst of energy gave you a boost – it separated you out from the crowd. But most races were long, and the course was winding and often hidden among the trees and tall grass on rugged terrain. It was a balance of endurance, discipline, determination, and precision. You never stop running or fail to finish the course. Even the runners with the longest time emerged from among the trees victorious because they finished.

You may find yourself among rugged terrain as you work toward your finish, but don’t worry; envision yourself at the finish and put in the work to get there. Pace yourself, and you can do it.

Finishing the journey is about keeping the vision clear and continuing to purposefully pursue even when the stuff between the start and finish gets tough. It’s about honoring God with the value of your work. It’s about working to a completed finish, knowing that you have given it your all.

Don’t stop now. What has God given you the ability to do? Do it with great fervor, and let God see the results of your completed work!

P.S., Kaye Howard

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