Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Responding to God

I thank God for giving me a husband that knows how to listen to the voice of the Lord. Having this type of leadership helps turn our ears toward God and appropriately respond to His calling.

How should we resond to the voice of the Lord when He calls?

Simply, we should answer. We should respond by moving in obedience and walking in His calling. Sometimes there’s not so much to do but to perch our ears and say to the Lord, “Yes, God. I will. We will.”

Keep your eyes on the Lord, yes, even in this pandemic season. For it is something purely special that the Lord wants for us to hear – and do – from Him.

If we are so yet willing, He will use us for His best benefit.

Blessings be unto You, O Lord God Almighty.

May we ever honor You.

P.S., The Howards

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